Family Business since 1946!

Scott Seed Co.

SINCE 1946

  06/03/06 10:19:06 AM

Recently acquired by third-generation seedsmen and celebrating 56 years of service, Scott Seed of Hereford has remained one of the leaders in the seed trade industry. Founded in 1946 by one of the pioneers of seed production, Ira Scott, the small family owned firm continues to market a variety of seed. Ira and his wife, Leona Fay, came to Deaf Smith County from a ranch in Happy.He set up a farming and ranching operation in Deaf Smith county and soon followed with a seed company. The first location of Scott Seed was on Chalk Hill near Summerfield. He then moved the business to Hereford. Betty and Gary Kriegshauser, his daughter and son-in-law, bought the business from Ira in 1971. When the company first began, Scott grew open pollinated milo. He soon found that seed generated more money than grain, so he switched his production to include seed.

He started bagging seed in 100 pound burlap bags and distributed them to south Texas. Scott's business grew to include the first hybrids in Texas. Scott Seed cleans, treats, and bags seed produced by growers mainly in Deaf Smith County. Although it is produced mainly in this county, it is shipped all over the world. Scott Seed has shipped to Mexico, Canada, Asia, South America, and into Africa. Being a small, family owned business is an advantage in the market place. Scott Seed can produce a better product at a lower cost than bigger companies.

In 1994, Coby & Chad Kriegshauser bought the business from their Dad. Scott Seed is a little company that likes to concentrate on quality instead of quantity. Scott Seed grows and processes all kind of seed. They mainly grow Sorghum, Sorghum Forages, and Small Grains. The success of the firm, is the strong foundation and commitment that the family started out with.

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