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Wheat Varieties

Tam 304 New Release
Tam 105
Tam 110
Tam 111
Tam 112

Wheat Trials 


2009 Bushland Wheat Trials
2007 Bushland Wheat Trials  
2006 Bushland Wheat Trials
2004 Bushland Wheat Trials 
2003 Bushland Wheat Trials
2002 Bushland Wheat Trials
2001 Bushland Wheat Trials 

Description of Wheat Varieties
Planting Rates 



Weeds & Diseases 


Wheat Streak Mosaic & High Plains Virus 
Top Dressing Wheat
Weed Control in Wheat 
Freeze Damage in Wheat
Stinking Wheat and Common Bunt 
High Plains Virus  


Certified Seed

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